The Most Common Pest in Florida

Learn more about the different types of bugs you can encounter in Florida, and more importantly, how you can get rid of any infestation in your way.

Tips on Keeping Ants Out of Your Hummingbird and Oriole Feeders

If you are an avid bird watcher in Melbourne, you might find ants often take over your hummingbird and oriole feeders. Here are a few tips on how to stop them from feasting on your treats and how indoor and outdoor pest control can help protect your family and pets.

Amazing Facts About Central Brevard’s Infamous Palm

Palm trees symbolize victory, triumph, peace, and success. Here in Central Brevard, Florida, we are surrounded by these majestical beauties. These beloved plants have a story to tell, begging us to listen as we find solace in their beauty. Read on and discover a few amazing facts we bet you didn’t know about Central Brevard’s palm. Then call Flowers Turf and Pest Management for comprehensive tree and shrub care to protect not only your beloved palms but all your trees and shrubs.

4 Evergreens That Make a Great Living Privacy Fence in Brevard County

If you’re looking to create more privacy around your Central or South Brevard County outdoor property, it’s time to think about a living privacy fence. Fences are great, walls are decorative, but a vegetation line makes a beautiful display of sound-blocking visual art. Let’s take a look at a few of the best evergreens that make an excellent living privacy fence. And for all your tree and shrub care needs, you can call on Flowers Turf and Pest Management professionals.

Common Lawn Fungus in Florida

Living in Central and South Brevard County has its perks. We are surrounded by miles of beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. But living in such proximity to the sea has its downfalls. The hurricanes and tropical storms we sustain create a breeding ground for lots of lawn fungi. Learn how to recognize the most common lawn fungi that impact our area, how to prevent them, and how you can help protect your lawn through a comprehensive lawn care program.

How to Prevent Rats & Mice From Invading Your Brevard County Home

Mice and rats need food to survive, and they will go to great lengths to find it. That includes entering your business or home. But there are some preventive measures you can take to help prevent them from getting in, and we’re going to share them with you. Here are a few tips and ways to help prevent these rodents from targeting your business or home, including getting rodent control when needed.

4 Diseases You Can Prevent With Professional Rodent Control

Rats and mice look cute in books and movies, but the diseases they carry are anything but. Learn the symptoms of 4 common rodent-borne diseases and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Everything You Need to Know About Florida Fleas & Ticks

While spring and summer are the most common seasons for diseases caused by ticks, Florida’s warm and humid climate is perfect for them to survive year-round. Because of this, it’s important to know how to identify fleas and ticks, the dangers they carry, and how to help prevent them from getting into your home. Read on for everything you need to know regarding fleas and ticks and the best ways to prevent them from ruining your summer including.

How To Stick to Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care This Season

As property owners, we have choices and one that we can make is to take more time and energy to ensure that our lawn care is earth-friendly. There are actually several different things that you can incorporate into your lawn care regimen to make it more eco-friendly. Keep reading to see what the experts on our team have to say about ways to be better when it comes to lawn care!

How to Keep Outdoor Pests Out of Your House

Sadly, with the beautiful thing that the hot, humid weather brings, it also brings a variety of bugs who are looking for air conditioned shelter. This just might be your home. Now living in Florida, we are pretty used to the tried and true bug-repellant tips, but today you might learn a thing or two about how to really keep your homes bug-free.