How To Stick to Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care This Season

When you take care of your lawn this summer, you are going to want to keep an eye out for the best ways to keep your lawn care regimen environmentally friendly. Even if you are someone who loves caring for your garden and lawn, getting out and about every day can feel cumbersome. However, spending all of that time outdoors allows you to ponder… What exactly is my lawn care routine doing for the environment? Or rather, is my choice of lawn care hurting the environment?

It is important to remember that not all lawn care is bad for the environment. But ecosystems exist in a certain way for a certain reason, and anything that disrupts that can cause some harm. As property owners, we have choices, and one that we can make is to take more time and energy to ensure that our lawn care is earth-friendly.

There are actually several different things that you can incorporate into your lawn care regimen to make it more eco-friendly. Keep reading to see what the experts on our team have to say about ways to be better when it comes to lawn care!

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Garden To The Fullest Extent

Choosing flowers that are privy to the season we are in can help your environment flourish. Another good tip is to choose locally grown flowers so that you are not adding anything to the ecosystem in your yard that might not naturally be there. If you are looking for things to add to your garden that are native to the central Florida area, don’t forget to pick up some Florida Violets, Chickasaw Plums, and so many more. By choosing flowers that are native to the Florida area, you will be able to enhance the ecosystem that is naturally in place.

Kill The Bad, Save The Good

That’s right; we are talking about good and bad pest control here. Natural pest control allows you to pick and choose which bugs you are going to save. Whether or not we like it, regular pest control can do some harm to the pests that help our environment thrive. However, we have the power to change that. Bumblebees, butterflies, fireflies, and other necessary pests can be spared with you use a pest control method that solely targets mosquitoes.

Watering: Effectively and Efficiently – Not Blindly

The key to keeping up with your watering schedule without wasting water is to have a professional irrigation system installed. A not-so-fun fact about watering with a garden hose is that your hose will actually use up to four gallons of water more per 15 minutes than if you were to use an irrigation system. This means that not only are you potentially harming your lawn, but you are wasting water which is detrimental to the environment and essentially throwing away money. If you are looking forward to ways that you can improve your lawn care to cater more to the needs of the environment, this is a great way to do so.

Take The Extra Step With Your Lawn Care This Season

Choose to make your lawn care routine more environmentally friendly. Our Earth has so much to offer, and while we want to focus on creating a beautiful lawn, we don’t want to forget about the effects that chemicals can have on the environment. Combine both goals, and you can do wonders!

Check out the lawn care program we have created with six unique steps here at Flowers Turf and Pest Management. Our program provides all of the macronutrients and micronutrients that your grass needs. But we don’t stop there – taking care of your lawn means tackling pest control issues as well. Our team offers a grub control program to keep your lawn pest-free.

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