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Effective Yet Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care in Central and South Brevard, Florida
Our family-oriented lawn care business is not in the market just to make a profit. We want you to have the best turf possible while also taking responsibility for our natural environment. With our year-round warmer temperatures here in Florida and our close proximity to waterways, we have a duty to provide our customers with a backyard oasis while following all the rules and guidelines to protect this unique and beautiful watershed.

That’s why we offer a six-step complete nutritional package that will provide your lawn with the appropriate amount of nutrients, broadleaf weed control, and green-up it needs, without any of the dangerous phosphorus that ends up in our waterways. In Central and South Brevard, Florida, and the surrounding areas, we typically have St. Augustine grass. Our six-step nutritional package was designed to protect this turf type while combating and preventing diseases, controlling broadleaf weeds, and turf invading insects.

Each of Our Six Applications Contains the Following:

Six-Step Complete Nutritional Package
Our complete nutritional package contains NO phosphorus, and during the summer months, we adhere to the no fertilizer ordinance.

We provide the appropriate amount of micronutrients your grass needs to maintain its health, vitality, and green color. Flowers Turf and Pest Management use a Nano technology that is a 100 percent organic product, is safe for the environment, and 100 percent biodegradable. It promotes photosynthesis within the plant without using any of the fertilizer that causes water run-off. Nano Bio Growth contains micronutrients and amino acids essential for the healthy maintenance of your lawn.

The Benefits of Nano Bio Growth Are Endless. Some of Them Include:

  • The improved ability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients from the soil
  • Promotion of stronger roots
  • Enhanced growth of grass at its vital stages in development
  • Increased green-up
  • Faster recovery from drought and other environmental stresses

Obtain that Green, Healthy Lawn Now With Flowers Turf and Pest Management’s Six-Step Nutritional Package

Flowers Turf and Pest Management has been family-owned and operated for decades offering expert lawn, pest control, and ornamental  services in and around Central and South Brevard, Florida. We believe in honesty, integrity, and forging relationships. With many of them having decades of experience, our technicians are all highly knowledgeable and constantly trained on the newest developments in agronomic technology. Our best customer is a satisfied customer. Learn more about our six-step nutritional package and contact us today.

Protect Your Florida Lawn From Grass Eating Grubs With Our Effective Grub Control

Grubs are tiny bugs that feed on the roots of your grass. They feast on your turf’s roots and transform your lush, green grass into thin patches of brown. The best treatment for grubs is prevention, which is why we offer an effective grub control program to help prevent and stop these pests from taking over. Contact Flowers Turf and Pest Management and start protecting your lawn today.

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