How to Keep Outdoor Pests Out of Your House

Some great things about summer include barbecues, heading to the ocean more than usual, and as usual, we have the bugs to battle. Floridians are pretty used to seeing lizards of all types and even some of the bigger creepy crawlers. Sadly, with the beautiful thing that the hot, humid weather brings, it also brings a variety of bugs who are looking for air-conditioned shelter. This just might be your home.

Now living in Florida, we are pretty used to the tried and true bug-repellant tips, but today you might learn a thing or two about how to really keep your homes bug-free. The key is to fight them early enough where they don’t even have time to make it into your home.

Follow along for Flower’s Turf and Pest Management’s best tips and tricks to keep your home pest-free this season.

Got Ants?

These tiny crawlers that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors like to make their way into homes what seems like more often than any other type of pest. Oftentimes, ants of all kinds are getting in not only from open doors but likely from the foundation of your homes. The way to prevent this overall is to ensure the foundation of your home is properly sealed. When you take a measure like this one, it can ensure that the colonies of ants have no way into your home, to begin with. This means unless they crawl through the front door, they won’t bring their squads into any cracks and live in your walls.

Store Everything Properly – Starting with Your Food

It is no secret that everyone loves food. You might find it cute when your toddler gets into your chocolate stash and stuffs their face with more than they can handle – but when their mess isn’t properly cleaned up, it can attract some company that is much more unwelcome.

Ants, spiders, and any other sort of bugs can find their way into your home if there is even a hint of food or drink residue left on the floors or counters. The way to combat this is to make sure that your toddlers and family keep food in one room, don’t take snacks outdoors, and maybe even investing in an automatic miniature vacuum. You can also take extra precautions when it comes to storing snacks. Instead of closing snack bags with clips, you can try de-canting them and storing them in air-tight containers. This way you can be extra sure that food isn’t attracting any pests, even when sitting in your pantry.

Flying Pests Seek Out the Nearest Water Source

This means that any type of water, including spilled water in the home or water from the kitchen sink, will attract pests like gnats and mosquitoes, which are arguably the most irritating out of all the flying pests. By eliminating any type of standing water in or even around your home, you will be able to ensure your home is less attractive to pests like these.

Something you can do to ensure these measures is to check around your home for leaks from gutters, pooling spots around your grass, places where your pool might not be draining properly, and keeping water near the kitchen sink wiped up. The more you keep your home, inside and outside, dry, the more you will be able to keep your home pest-free.

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