Seven Common Florida Pests To Watch Out For

Floridians are lucky to have gorgeous weather in the winter, while most of the US is shrouded in gray cloudy skies. We may not have to contend with snow and ice, but we have no shortage of annoying pests. At Flowers Turf & Pest Management, we can help you with many Florida pests, from roaches to rodents.

Florida Household Pests

Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs are an insect commonly found in the southern US. They grow to about one-third inch in length. Adult Chinch Bugs are black with white wings along their back, while their nymphs are only the size of a pinhead and are vibrant orange with a white band across their back. These tiny insects cause massive damage to St. Augustine Grass, a favorite of homeowners in the south. They pierce the plants’ roots and suck out nutrients, resulting in yellowish-brown turf and even dead grass. One way to combat Chinch Bugs is to keep your lawn well-watered, either with frequent manual waterings or having an irrigation system installed. Chinch Bugs thrive in hot, dry conditions. Therefore, keeping your turf grass damp not only helps it grow but keeps these annoying pests at bay. You’ll need to keep up on watering year-long. Unlike other pests, Chinch Bugs are not seasonal and will appear any time long as the conditions are to their liking. And since eggs mature in as few as 28 days, it doesn’t take long for your lawn to be overrun.earwig


While they don’t cause harm to humans, their characteristic pincers make these pests look terrifying. There are thousands of species, but you’ll know if you’ve got earwigs if their pincers are attached to the rear of their abdomen. And contrary to popular belief, they do not lay eggs in your ear and eat your brain. Any small insect can get stuck in your ear, but earwigs do not intentionally seek out humans for this purpose, so you can rest easy. They do not damage the structural integrity of homes, but they can eat house plants. The main reason people seek pest control for earwigs is the creepiness. And we can’t blame them!


We don’t have time to mention every single fly species (there are thousands in North America), but the most common culprits you’ll find in Florida are fruit flies, horse flies, house flies, flesh flies, blowflies, and soldier flies. While most flies do not bite humans, some, like the horse fly, will absolutely do so when given a chance. Most flies are attracted to things like food scraps in uncovered trash bins. However, some, like the flesh fly, are attracted to carrion. They’ll relish that expired lunch meat you didn’t bag properly or the carcass of the dead mice in the attic you haven’t cleaned. Keeping a tidy household is the number one thing you can do to prevent flies, but pest control professionals can easily give you a hand if needed.


Unlike their cousin, the centipede, millipedes are not as gross to look at – some even might say they’re cute! However, just because they’re a bit cute doesn’t mean we want them in our homes. In fact, they normally live outdoors, but since they are attracted to damp conditions, you may find them in your basement or other damp, dark areas where they can hide. Cylindrical in shape, you’ll likely first notice them in gardens with excess mulch or dying vegetation.


Perhaps the most common pest of warm regions, the cockroach comes in many varieties. Green, brown, and orange are the identifying colors, and they grow up to 1.5 inches in length. Like millipedes, cockroaches prefer dark, damp places. Even though you may keep your home clean, being in a warmer climate increases the likelihood these disgusting bugs will make their way inside. While they are not aggressive, they can cause illnesses and allergic reactions in humans who come in close contact with them. Make sure to frequently take out the trash, mop, and vacuum to prevent food crumbs from accumulating. Check under kitchen sinks and lower cabinets if you suspect you’ve got roaches.silverfish


No, these aren’t actual fish. Silverfish are teardrop-shaped wingless bugs that have silver exoskeletons, a three-pronged tail, and two long antennae. These critters are fast, and they reproduce just as fast, so if you see one in your home, make sure to call pest control quickly, or you will have hundreds on your hands before you know it.


Neither rats nor rodents are good to have in your home, but rats are certainly more dangerous. They carry disease and may carry fleas or ticks, which compound the problem. Besides seeing one, other telltale signs of rodents are feces and urine and bite marks on structures like cabinets. You might also hear unexplained scratching or tapping at night since rodents are more active during the nighttime hours. Trapping them yourself is an option, but a professional pest management company will not only trap them, but they’ll also be able to safely clean up droppings and repair any damage to your home.

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